Future of Going Green, Ao Neng's new charging station will be unveiled at the Shanghai EVSE Exhibition


On August 23, a three-day Shanghai International Charging Station Technical Equipment Exhibition (EVSE2018) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

    EVSE2018 will focus on the industry trends and invite famous experts, scholars and leading companies in the three main fields of power batteries, new energy vehicles and charging facilities to discuss with the government representatives and industry leaders on how to solve the two bottlenecks encountered in the development of new energy vehicles. Promote the healthy development of the new energy automotive industry.

    In order to promote the innovation of charging technology and the construction of nationwide charging facilities network, Ao Neng Power will be present on display at the exhibition. It demonstrate the new 14kW pedestal AC charging station with dual connector, 160kW integrated DC charger with 4 connector, 7kW portable mobile charger, North American Standard AC charge station with J1772(Type 1) connector, European standard DC chargers (CCS2), e-bicycle chargers, and three-in-one modular onboard chargers for car manufacturers and other smart charging solutions.

   The American standard (Type1) 7kW shell AC charger and the European standard (CCS2) 60kW DC charging station on display has attracted the international customers to our booth due to its unique product appearance and complete test report certifications along with. The exhibition's exhibition also indicates that Ao Neng Power has laid a good foundation to enter the global new energy market and will contribute to the global new energy construction. The exhibition is a debut that Ao Neng Power will undertake a bigger task of building green energy economy in future, helping the construction of new energy infrastructure and accelerating the development of the electric vehicle industry. Together with customers and an open arms, we embrace an open market and advanced technologies!