AoNeng Power helps urban new energy vehicle development---- a gorgeous appearance at 2018 China International Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Exhibition


    China International Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition 2018, co-sponsored by China Electric Power Development Association, China Urban Public Transport Association, China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Alliance, China Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Industry Alliance, was held on March 27-29, 2018 at The China International Exhibition Center in Beijing.  AoNeng Power, as one of the major manufacturers of charging station, was invited to participate in this event.

    At the exhibition, AoNeng Power demonstrated on the first generation flexible group charging system, the second generation flexible high-power fast charging power-cube, mobile DC charger and vehicle onboard charger and other core products.   As to the second generation of flexible high-power fast charging power-cube, each one is able to power up to 320kW and to distribute the charging power through eight connectors. Each connector is able to provide current up to 250A. The modular design can realize the flexible deployment of megawatt high-power DC fast charging. 

    AoNeng Power staff explained in detail the advanced concept, humanly design, effective product functionalities and new energy ecological chain solutions by Aoneng Power Charging Station Products.