300kW DC Charging (1:5)

Modular design, multiple layer protection, HMI interface, and RFID card reader. One power cabinet can be configured to support five, eight, or ten dispensers simultaneously. It can charge EV with evenly distributed power or on demand. It is a high efficient and cost effective product.
Suitable for fast charging stations, bus stations, passenger transportation centers, etc.

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  • General Introduction
  • Technical specifications
  • Aoneng independently developed a wide range of products: AC charger, DC fast charger, car onboard charger, and electric bicycle charger.  It is design to meet the charge needs for E-bikes, passenger EV cars, EV bus, EV logistics trucks and other types of new energy vehicles.


    Real-time location lookup, by appointment charging

    Smart phone App, or RFID card payment system

    Visualization operation, remote monitoring of charging station status, intelligent power distribution.


    Intelligent identification of load, energy stabile output, real-time adjustment of input power 


    Based on back end data management, the charging statistics is collected, analyzed and the user's preference inferred


    Suitable for a variety of EV charge mode, GBT 2015, American (CCS1) and European (CCS2) standard 


    Rugged, rain-proof, anti-collision, anti-theft design and meeting IP54 protection standard. Six layers of electric protects, meeting GB CE standard

  • Model ANDCQ1 – 750V / 500A-5B  
    Display 8” Color Touch Screen
    Payment Method RFID card, Smartphone APP
    Input AC Voltage 330-438VAC, 3-Phase + N + PE
    Input AC Frequency 45-55Hz
    Output DC Voltage 250-750VDC
    Output DC Current ≤ 500A for each port  
    Protection leakage current, overloading, short circuit, lightning strike, over voltage, over current, emergency stop  
    IP Protection IP54
    Communication CAN standard option, Ethernet, 3/4G
    Power Cabinet 2 @ 150kW each
    Power Cabinet Dimension 800(W) x 800(D) x 1900(H) mm  
    Terminals 5 (1 with Control Panel)
    Terminal Dimension

    With Control Panel: 420(W) x 400(D) x 1300(H) mm

    Without Control Panel: 420(W) x 400(D) x 1200(H) mm
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